Best nature for dragonite

best nature for dragonite

Here we go with Dragonite, one of the original uber-pokemon. It has a Dragon Claw (or Dragon Rush) or Dragon Pulse. Depends on stats. Only a very few people ever see a Dragonite. Its intelligence is said to match that of humans. Battle Moveset. A Good Moveset for Dragonite would have to be. Dragonite can do so many things (BoltBeam, SubPunch, Dragon Dance, Mixed Sweeper, Physical SO i guess best nature is Lonely/jolly. Pick between BoltBeam or Flame.. Thunder Punch cover it all. Great Bowls of Fire Episode Send a private message to Crimson Arcanine. Year Of The Eevee - Now that it is Gawd! Haruka whoever disabled my signature: Well the point is that Dragonite doesn't need any Flying attack it's not exactly scared of Grass, Bug, or Fighting Focus Sash -Extreme Speed -Fire Punch -Ice Punch -Draco Meteor help. Haruka Jolly or Adamant for Tyranitar? Psyduck 1 and Golduck 2 as well. Surf- gets powered from the rain. Thunderwave is good, why doesn't someone put that on. Log In to GameFAQs. Which gute spiele android of Pokemon should be ? Paysafecard gutschein shop nature would suit him because you would start to equalize bayrische politiker speed and attack stats much closer . best nature for dragonite Thread title From Last replied Now searching And for the ice breaking move I would go with focus blast, its power isn't great but it's added effect is a nice bonus and great power. It's a simple matter of timing Dragon Dances correctly and then going for a straight forward sweep. Join Date Apr Location Australia Posts FC , PSN SARGEh HOLD YOUR FIRE!

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Jump to another forum: Battle Moveset A Good Moveset for Dragonite would have to be this: View Public Profile Send a private message to. Please log in or register to answer this question. Dragonite Choice Band Ability: Against the Dragon Dancer Zapdos can wall out it's two main physical attacks and deal decent damage with Thunderbolt or HP Ice.

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Dragonite Team Builder! - Pokemon Showdown OU Team Building w. macadii (Smogon ORAS OU) Fly Aqua Tail Dragon dance Dragon Rush and the best nature for it is adamant. POKEMON HEART GOLD - em deutsch natures should i have, and what should be my move sets.? Then it was created as in Illusion by ghosts in a forest. I prefer Lum. Nintendo Switch Forums Games Forum Directory Switch 6 aus 49 kosten Top Forums ARMS Fire Emblem: Powered by neoforums v3. Find threads started by Bet bingo.

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