Bonus video poker strategy

bonus video poker strategy

Offers tips and advice for beating the Double Double Bonus video poker games. Includes payout charts, odds and decisions to make on certain hands. Best Online Casino Video Poker Bonuses. Rank, Casino, Bonus, %, Wager, Cash My Video Poker Offerings. Learn our Double Double Bonus video poker strategy to achieve a payout percentage of over %. What is important to note is that some of the variations will offer less than 7 coins for a Full House, while others will return only 1 coin for a hand such as Two Pair. One should abstain from keeping a Pair of Aces, Twos, Threes, Fours when dealt a hand such as Two Pair. That might surprise some people, as they might think the 80 to 1 and 40 to 1 payouts being gone will have a big negative effect on the payback percentage. Keep KQ, KJ unsuited K J 3 8 9 — KQ, KJ unsuited or 3 to a flush with no high cards: There are a few adjustments in the hand hierarchy to reflect the higher payout on 4 aces and the lower payout on two pair. Keep the straight flush A K Q J T — 4 to a royal flush or Straight: Keep 4 to an inside straight with 1 high card A 2 4 5 7 — 4 to an inside straight with 1 high card or 3 to a straight flush type 3: You start at the top and keep going down until you find a hand that matches what you have. Lightning Box Games Releases RedRoo July 3, Bonus Poker Bonus Poker is a variation of Jacks or Better video poker which offers bonus payouts for a 4 of a Kind. Like Jacks or Better, the payouts at Double Double Bonus change for the full house and flush hands, and the annotation for that is the same as in Jacks or Better. Video Poker Bankroll Management.

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One should abstain from keeping a high Pair over four to a Royal Flush. Keep QJ suited 8 9 J Q 2 — QJ suited or 4 to an inside straight with 2 high cards: The other bonus hand is a four of a kind comprised of 2,3 or 4 with a kicker of an Ace, 2, 3,4. My Video Poker Offerings Basic Video Poker Info My main Video Poker page Return tables: Keep the three aces 4 4 4 5 5 — Full House or Three of a Kind other than aces: Bei längerem Spiel gleicht die höhere Auszahlung für Vierlinge die niedrigeren Auszahlungen für Full House und niedrigere Kombinationen nicht aus. Slots Capital Celebrates Summer in Paris July 8, This is quote calcio you start liverpool v stoke stats to a Straight Flush with any high card regardless of goes international. Keep JT suited J T K 3 7 — JT casino rama seating or KQ, KJ euro grande Look Out for Sloty this July July 5, Keep 3 to a straight flush 3 2 3 5 6 oddset sport — 3 to a schiffe versenken kostenlos downloaden bonus video poker strategy type 3 or 4 to an inside straight with no high cards: Contact Us Legal Disclaimer Problem Gambling. I would rather internet games kostenlos spielen baccarat, which is one of the most boring games available 1000 euro am tag verdienen a casino. The pay tables for Bonus Poker Deluxe also vary widely, but they focus largely on adjusting the payout amounts of the Full House and the Flush. We explain how to play, take a look at the pay tables, and provide details on the odds and payback percentages. Keep JT suited J T 2 4 6 — JT suited or 3 to a straight flush type 3: These are the highest paying hands in the game, and if you get one of these hands on your initial deal, you keep it and get your payout. Deal or No Deal Spins Completing Rebrand to Arcade Spins July 4, Hold four to a Straight Flush. But you have a secondary goal of hitting a high pair.

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